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What Clients Say About Patricia Bernard


Jerry “I was extremely skeptical at first, I was suffering from anxiety and had a lot of unresolved issues from my childhood. A friend referred me through to a reader at Patricia Bernard.

Peter “I received a reading, in the reading the psychic tuned into my dad’s spirit who had just passed on. The reader was 100% accurate and passed on a message from him. My father had wanted to tell me where he had hidden his will. None of our family could find it. The will was exactly where the psychic said my father’s spirit had said.”

Jo “After receiving a love reading I was extremely skeptical. I had broken up with my partner and been single for almost a year. In all honesty, I was getting desperate and starting to lose hope so I called Patricia Bernard. It took eight weeks then bam the psychic’s prediction came true. Down to the very last detail from hair color to eye color it was exact. I am still with this person in an exact fashion that the psychic from Patricia Bernard said it would happen. I highly recommend this service.”

Tom ” After reaching out to multiple phone psychic readings services I finally found Patricia Bernard. I was having a hard time at work and completely unsure as to which way my career was going. The clairvoyant explained things clearly to me and provided me a ton of information. Once I had multiple options on my table the direction I needed to take became extremely clear.”

Kylie ” Talking to a psychic from Patricia Bernard was a life-changing experience.”

Mike ” I was a skeptic and made the phone call for fun after a night out. I was struggling with my relationship and in a bit of a hole. The psychic from Patricia Bernard knew everything I was having trouble with without any prompting. It was like something you see of a Jerry Springer show, in the end, I was in tears as the medium from Patricia Bernard gave me a message from my mother who had passed on. A true life changing experience thank you so much, Patricia Bernard.”

Anette ” After many years of struggling with various issues within my life I decided why I’ll give it a go. The call I had was amazing after giving minimal details like my date of birth and name the clairvoyant jumped right in and starting giving me a reading. Not only was she accurate she also knew things only I knew and had never shared with anyone else. I initially had planned only for a quick chat. However, the healing I was experiencing I ended up staying on the call for over an hour. I now speak to the clairvoyant every few weeks or when I have a problem I need some third-party advice or help with.

Kim ” Hi guys just leaving a review as I wanted to give my feedback and let you know how grateful I am to receive a reading from your service. I have tried several times to find the right psychic. Someone who I connect with and can be open with and failed. I decided to give your service a call and was extremely surprised with the great reading i received, accurate, kind and more importantly it was extremely obvious the psychic was real. Than you guys it was amazing!!