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About Us

At Patricia Bernard Psychics we aim to bring you the highest quality psychics in the market and know our mediums will give you the experience of a lifetime.

We aim to provide high tech to make your user experience the easiest and professional in the industry, we guarantee a good medium experience. Our phone psychics are all hand-picked and we can honestly say are amongst the best in the industry, if you have ever tried a tarot card reading and not been happy we guarantee a happy fun affordable service in which you will love.

We aim to help every single person reaching out for help towards a better life and clearer spiritual journey. Accessing a powerful clairvoyant has never been so easy or cost effective.

If you are thinking about contacting one of the spiritual advisors please look through our list of amazing healers and choose carefully who you would like to work with. Making the connection with the right psychic can often be a massive part of the recovery in your life.

Always know that at Patricia Bernards we believe in the power of good and doing the right thing by our clients and the general public. We train our healers to the highest of standards and only accept readers who have been in the industry for over 7 years.

Phone psychics and mediums

Our mediums are industry experts and are here twenty-four hours a day to serve your needs we love seeing the changes in our clients and we can’t wait to hear from you. A tarot card reading might be exactly what you need. It might soothe your every worry and give you the client the reassurance and comfort you have been lacking and need in your new life. We know that being in the present is optimal for your life and we want to help you get out of a negative thought pattern and into something positive a tarot card reader can and will help you today.

Telephone readings can reveal exactly how good a psychic is, they have no physical clues as to responses to questions and must hone in with their third eye and provide an honest reading without any help from the client. There is a misconception that phone psychics are not real and are just normal people making up lies to make money. This could not be further from the truth 90% of telephone psychic services are legitimate and deadly accurate most are honest and just trying to make a living from their natural given talent to help those in need.