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Pay Your Call Via Credit Card $3.96 per minute inclusive of GST 02 9199 5371

Our weekly special 10 minutes for $39.60 or 20 minutes for $72.20 Calls answered by a trusted Psychic

 Trusted Phone Psychic Readings In Australia 

Psychic healing over the telephone

Telephone Bill Readings

At Patricia Bernard, we offer a premium billing service. Meaning your call will be directly billed to your monthly phone bill. Simply scroll through our readers and choose one of our trusted readers you wish to chat with. Enter there four digit pin and begin your call. Call Costs $3.96 Per Minute including GST.

Credit Card Readings

At Patricia Bernard, we also offer the option of securely billing your reading directly to your credit card. Your details will be taken over the phone and we guarantee your personal information will be kept private. Pay Your Call Via Credit Card Call Costs $3.96 per minute inclusive of GST.

At Patricia Bernard, we hold an extremely high standard of care and understanding.  we aim to be the most trusted provider of all afterlife, supernatural, tarot card readers, psychic readers, and phone psychic services in Australia. We love receiving your phone psychic calls. Our business is based on good old-fashioned high-class service and healing. Our fortune tellers are amongst the best in the industry their telephone readings are accurate fun and a great way to help solve your problems. We are the psychics near you, proud to be Australian and deliver Australian readers who pose understanding and compassion.

We do charge after 2 minutes and we do deliver a service you will be more than happy with. We are not cheap psychics, we are elite at what we do and therefore charge accordingly. We have over 20 spiritual mediums to choose from and our tarot card readers are trustworthy and amongst the most highly trained in the world.

Payment Options For A Telephone Reading

phone psychic reader is worth there weight in gold, with insight and knowledge it can make one wonder why they have never reached out to a telephone psychic service before. If you have ever felt unsure as to who you should be seeking Patricia Bernard’s team love helping people over the telephone. Our Psychic Telephone Readings are accurate, fun, enjoyable and reliable. Phone today to have a free accurate tarot card reading.

Our rates and weekly specials are :

Option 1

This is a premium telephone line service and your reading will be paid for by the cost of your call. There is no maximum time limit.

Pick from our gifted team of readers and simply enter their  PIN Number once you are on the call. You can also click on the ‘Readers Who Are Live’ button on the right of all our pages to see who is currently available. A Call Costs $3.96 Per Minute including GST. Sometimes higher mobiles.

Option 2

Payment for your telephone reading is taken over the phone, securely, using a credit card. A Call Costs $3.96 Per Minute including GST. Sometimes higher mobiles. Stay updated on your page for weekly specials.

What to talk about with a phone psychic

This can be tricky and you definitely need a phone psychic or clairvoyant that has been highly trained and is skilled in the art of gentle conversation. With Psych-Hub being now all the rage for teens through to pensioners phone https://www.psychhub.co.uk/ reading it is hard not to use their service. We are always looking for services to recommend. You would be surprised at how accurate psychics connect to the afterlife is to make a connection with the person or spirit who is no longer here. The connection must be gentle and soothing for all involved and if any of our psychics believe there may be a bad presence they will inform you immediately.

Start your new spiritual journey today and connect with one of our powerful psychics, astrologers, crystal ball gazers or powerful mediums.

How to choose your psychic

An astrology reading is one in which our astrologist examines your birthday, stars, star signs and makes an informed decision as for how to guide you spiritually in your path of life. We believe that all people need and crave happiness and deserve these things. A phone psychic is very similar to an astrologist in the way they are examing without being physically present. Our staff are highly trained in Astrology and are ready to help.

We as a business are here to add value and help all of those wanting a new spiritual life, with the help of a powerful clairvoyant you can change your life ask about our astrology readings.

Crystal Ball Gazing Australia
Accurate reading

Risk-Free Phone Psychics Patricia Bernard

Our phone services are all 3g and we offer the clearest psychic service in Australia our technology is compatible with Apple I-Phone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, and even I-Pads. Our text messaging service is fast accurate fun and a joy to be around. We deliver high technology to help provide you with the best digital readings in the world. A powerful medium can and will help you recover the negative points in your life from past life healing to present time connections our highly qualified team is here to help. When you speak with a Patricia Bernard telephone reader you are guaranteed high a high-quality reading.

Accurate reading

We aim to please With Real Healers

If you have not received a quality service we want to hear from you immediately any complaints will be taken seriously. We do have a strict refund policy, there are certain conditions and you will need to meet. Contact us if the is a complaint about a reading from one of the clairvoyants. Our operators for complaints are not available 24/7 and will only answer the line & calls Monday – Friday. To really appreciate how good a clairvoyant can be you need to have experienced how bad one can be as well. The main difference between a great session and an average session in the spiritual world is receiving a result. Once the reading comes true and it impacts your life in a positive way you will swear by your clairvoyant.